Hello and welcome! Thanks for visiting; I'm glad you've stopped by.  I've been doing this work a long time and I'm more convinced than ever that who we come across or are attracted to are sign-posts for us along our path.  It doesn't always mean we have to choose to connect, but it's a pointed arrow that says "this way ahead" nevertheless.  

About me

I grew up getting 'gut feelings' about things (weird but mostly helpful) and seeing spirits (scary). I mostly tried to avoid, ignore and repress that part of myself. Because of that, I felt like in general I had a pretty normal childhood, teen and college years. Yes, they were interspersed with occasional experiences I couldn't explain or didn't want to look into, but if I ignored that (which I did), I had the typical experiences that most people have around love, career and life choices.  

After college, I followed my parents footsteps into the corporate world. But even as I was working my way up the corporate ladder in the marketing and communications field, 'strange things' (as I dubbed them) kept happening.  As I got older, the more I ignored them, the more frequently and strongly they started to occur. With a little guidance and a lot of trust, I found a psychic school, which for me was a saving grace.  Partly because nothing that I said about my experiences phased them, but more importantly because they taught me about my abilities -- how to tap into them, but better yet how to be safe with them.  

I spent 10 years learning, practicing, studying and eventually teaching at my old school. And while I kept working in the business sector, I simultaneously started a reading and healing practice in 2005. I pretty much spent 2005 through 2015 working in two totally different careers. While it wasn't a balanced life, it was a life I loved.  

A couple of years ago, I realized that doing this work was all I wanted to do.  So here I am, saying hello to you, in a space where I'm living the life I could have never dreamed was the one I wanted to live, and yet feels like a dream come true to be in. 

All of these years later, I've taken more than 2,000 hours of training and have given thousands of readings and healings to clients all over the world. In 2016, I helped start the Portland Psychic School, where we're teaching people how to connect, understand and work with their own energy and abilities. (Dream come true number two.)

Doing this work has brought an incredible amount of meaning to my life.  I very simply couldn’t think of my life without it.  I feel extraordinarily grateful that I get to help people see, discover and embrace themselves every day. 

So, welcome, hello and thank you!  Take a look around my site and see what I have to offer. I look forward to getting to work with you now or in the future.