Classes 2019

As part of Portland Psychic School, I'm teaching both online and in-person classes and workshops that give people the tools to better see, understand, communicate with and heal themselves. I teach both our fundamentals programs (short, five-week classes that cover the basics of meditation, healing and psychic abilities) as well as the Clairvoyant Trainings that happen in January and July of every year. We currently have more than 100 active students enrolled at the school as well as hundreds of alumni that have gone thru the various classes. The below schedule represents the classes I'll specifically be teaching, but feel free to check out the broader range of courses here. New offerings will be added each semester, so please come back to check them out.


Psychic Meditation (Sept 10th, 2019)

This is the foundational class for people who want to start safely exploring their own psychic abilities (and the prerequisite for all of our other classes at PPS). We offer a five-week class for people who are interested in learning the fundamentals of energy work. You'll learn how to ground, clear blocks, increase your vitality, clear out negative energy and protect your space. This class is for anyone who wants to be more empowered when it comes to their daily life experiences.

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Relationship Class in PDX (Sept 8th, 2019)

We are in relationship to every single thing in our lives: ourselves first and foremost, and other people of course. But also to work, our home, places we’ve traveled and our experiences. Working the energy of relationships can fundamentally change how you view and interact with the world. This 5-week class will provide a space to help you look at your relationships and learn tools to change the energy around them. This class is a great reset for any next steps you want to take in your relationships.

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Women's Healing & Intuition Level 2 in PDX (Oct 22nd, 2019)

In Women’s Intuition & Healing Level 1, you learn about female grounding and female energy. In Level 2, our focus is on the spirit of you and working with female healing guides. A big part of the this training is learning how to bring them in, set the agreement, create your mockups and learn to trust yourself in this new space at a new level.

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Women's Training in-Person & Online (Jan 2020)

The Women's Clairvoyant Training, Level 1 is open to women who have completed the year-long Clairvoyant Training at Portland Psychic School or other schools with a similar program. In this six-month training, you'll use your ability to 'see' to look at what it means to have chosen a female body as a spirit in this lifetime.  This training explores the depths of female energy, your ability to create as a woman and where you find your own personal power and value.  


CLairvoyant Training (JAN 2020)

The Clairvoyant Training is an intensive year-long training on the psychic ability to read energy. At the end of this training, you will be able to see and read energy accurately, a skill which can be applied to every facet of your life. The next training is available in Portland and online starting July 2019. If you're interested and haven't taken a class at Portland Psychic School before, your next step is to take the Psychic Meditation class, which happens every other month.  


“Signing up for Clairvoyant training, I had a lot of expectations and ideas around the word "psychic."  I was thinking that the training would make me psychic, and afterwards I would be in a state of perpetually reading people's desires, their past, their destinies.  I imagined that I would learn to walk between the raindrops, and turn off the sun.  I thought I would find everyone else's answer.  Quite simply, all of my pictures of what it is to be psychic revolved around other people, and solving their problems.  What the training turned out to be was very different, though no less magical.  I found out that I was the stranger in my own life.  That I had been carrying around all kinds of things that didn't even belong to me.  That never belonged to me.  I started to find my own energy somewhere along the way, and I realized that there wasn't anything wrong with it, that it wasn't a problem that needed to be solved.  The cool thing, is that as I started to tap into myself, and started to come into myself, the magic of walking through the raindrops and turning on the sun started to indeed happen.  I did read people's desires, pasts, and destinies.  It just didn't look anything like how I had imagined it.  It turned out to be much better.” ~Nathan S.


"Transformational"... Is the word that best describes the Clairvoyance training program at the Portland Psychic School. Not only has my Psychic abilities blossomed but my life has began to shift into magical directions as well! Shannon, William and the other facilitators at the school are not only impressive psychics but also amazing teachers! They have developed the program with a level of quality, professionalism and credibility that is hard to match within this space! I have enjoyed every single minute in the program and look forward to so much more!" ~Krissy B.


“A number of months back I was looking for a Portland-based meditation class and I stumbled upon The Portland Psychic School. As someone who has identified as "intuitive" my whole life, I was very stoked to see that their meditation class was quite specific to intuition and the movement of energy. I've never been someone who has felt that meditation came easy, so this class seemed like a good first place to start. After a four-week meditation class I was floored with how effective the methods that they taught were. These methods helped me to ground, move energy and begin to truly own my own space (energetically and otherwise). 

I didn't have to think too hard when about a month later they launched their Clairvoyant Training program...I was hooked! I thought that this program would be full of theory and that it would take months and months to actually start performing readings and learning new skills related to readings. Within a few classes we were learning all the basics of reading and after only 3-4 months in the program I'm feeling very confident in the skills that Shannon and William have taught us so far. I've read past lives, the layers of the aura and even totally random stuff that I was able to read using my new basic skills. 

I've honestly been looking for mentors and a program like this my whole life and I feel like I've found my "home" at PPS. The only way I won't be signing up for ALL the programs they offer is if they won't have me! I'm not sure what I plan to "do" with this program as I already run a business and have a busy life, but I will say that this program has already positively impacted my life and business in many way that were the money I've spent has been well worth it.” ~Anna L.