Energy healings — whether given to a person, an animal or a space — create movement and flow where energy has been stuck. They can affect change at a physical, mental, emotional/behavioral or spiritual level — and sometimes at all of them at the same time. Healings can be done one at a time or for more intense work, through a healing package.


Trance Medium Healing

An out-of-body healing that matches to the energy of Spirit (set at white). It involves channeling healing energies to assist in the goal of bringing your Body and Spirit in deeper alignment.

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Women's Healing

Focused on female space, energy centers and issues. This healing offers women a chance to release the invalidation, pain, judgement on being a woman.

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Energy Healing

Works with your body’s energetic space and systems to clear blocks and release stuck energies. This is a great healing for people who are looking to get more grounded in their lives.

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House Clearing

Clears old energy out of rooms, entire house and the land the house is on. It’s a great reset to the relationship you have with the space you sit in daily.